What is it we want to achieve?

Taking away of fear during hospitalization

As a parent, nothing is more upsetting than seeing your child in the hospital. Especially when the child is afraid of all the scary things that are about to happen. We want to support children during these difficult times and show them there is nothing to be afraid of.

Nowadays, already a lot of effort is being put into making hospitalization for children as pleasant as possible. For both parents and child, however, it often still is a radical experience. A hospital is too often still perceived as an unfamiliar and unsafe environment by children. That is exactly where Siemie & Koko come into play.

We aim to create an interactive application using innovative technologies like Augmented Reality, to introduce children to Siemie & Koko. Siemie was appointed as the doctor's assistant after being hospitalized himself, joined by Koko, a stubborn talking parrot. During hospitalization the child will be accompanied by this dynamic duo and will learn that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Siemie & Koko are to represent familiar faces for children within the hospital. By also easing some of the work normally done by hospital staff, Siemie & Koko enable the nurses and doctors to focus on curing the child.